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*[[22 April 2022]], [[AFSecurity Seminar]]: ''Privacy transformations of personal data'', Christophe Rosenberger , ENSICAEN, France    
*[[9 May 2022]], [[AFSecurity Seminar]]: ''Privacy by Design'', Jaap-Henk Hoepman , Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands    
OJD (Ole-Johan Dahls hus), Institutt for informatikk (IFI), Universitetet i Oslo, Gaustadalléen 23b, 0371 Oslo.
<!-- OJD (Ole-Johan Dahls hus), Institutt for informatikk (IFI), Universitetet i Oslo, Gaustadalléen 23b, 0371 Oslo.-->
Contact Audun Jøsang (josang@ifi.uio.no) if you want to be on the distribution list for invitations to AF''Security'' seminars, or if you are interested in giving a presentation at a future seminar.
Contact Audun Jøsang (josang@ifi.uio.no) if you want to be on the distribution list for invitations to AF''Security'' seminars, or if you are interested in giving a presentation at a future seminar.
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== Past AF''Security'' Seminars ==
== Past AF''Security'' Seminars ==
*[[22 April 2022]]: ''Privacy transformations of personal data'', Christophe Rosenberger , ENSICAEN, France
*[[30 November 2021]]: ''Hvordan jobber verdens beste Sikkerhetsrådgivere og hva skal vi med dem?'', Kjersti Stathopoulou, Deloitte   
*[[30 November 2021]]: ''Hvordan jobber verdens beste Sikkerhetsrådgivere og hva skal vi med dem?'', Kjersti Stathopoulou, Deloitte   
*[[26 October 2021]]: Boklansering: ''Informasjonssikkerhet: Teori og praksis'', Audun Jøsang, Universitetsforlaget, 2021   
*[[26 October 2021]]: Boklansering: ''Informasjonssikkerhet: Teori og praksis'', Audun Jøsang, Universitetsforlaget, 2021   

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Upcoming AFSecurity Seminars


Contact Audun Jøsang (josang@ifi.uio.no) if you want to be on the distribution list for invitations to AFSecurity seminars, or if you are interested in giving a presentation at a future seminar.

AFSecurity is organised by UiO Digital Security Sec-light-360.png

Past AFSecurity Seminars

  • 22 April 2022: Privacy transformations of personal data, Christophe Rosenberger , ENSICAEN, France
  • 30 November 2021: Hvordan jobber verdens beste Sikkerhetsrådgivere og hva skal vi med dem?, Kjersti Stathopoulou, Deloitte
  • 26 October 2021: Boklansering: Informasjonssikkerhet: Teori og praksis, Audun Jøsang, Universitetsforlaget, 2021
  • 29 April 2020: Privacy for Mobile Apps. Speaker: Nurul Momen (Karlstad University)
  • 26 February 2020: Satellite and GNSS Security. Speaker: Kirsten Ullbæk Selvig
  • 13 February 2020: Naken på nett. Foredragsholder: Mia Landsem
  • 4 October 2019: Embedded-Device Forensics and Threat of Open-Source Intelligence, Sujeet Shenoi (University of Tulsa, USA);
  • 10 September 2019: 5G Security & Challenges, Ravi Borgaonkar (SINTEF);
  • 4 September 2019: Scoring Systems for Cyber Exercises, Mauno Pihelgas (NATO CCDCOE);
  • 21 August 2019: Privacy Threat of Keystroke Profiling on the Web, Denis Migdal (ENSICAEN);
  • 6 June 2019: Red Teaming in Cyber Exercises, Markus Kont (NATO CCDCOE);
  • 26 April 2019: Cyberthreat Intelligence, Espen Agnalt Johansen (Visma);
  • 5 March 2019: 1) Factorization, François Morain (École polytec.); 2) AI/ML in Cyber Security, Harri Pietilä (Ericsson);
  • 21 February 2019: Cyber Security in High School, Kimbery Adams and Donna Farrior (GenCyber USA), Bodil Grødem and Janne Hagen (CyberSmart Norway).
  • 17 January 2019: EOS-utvalgets kontroll, Kjetil Otter Olsen (EOS-utvalget).
  • 22 November 2018: TSD: Services for Sensitive Data, Dr. Gard Thomassen (USIT - UiO).
  • 26 October 2018: The New Norwegian Passport and Id-Card, Dr.Tage Stabell-Kulø (KPMG).
  • 31 August 2018: Multi-Factor Authentication., Prof. Dipankar Dasgupta (University of Memphis).
  • 21 June 2018: Reasons for Insecurity in IT Systems, Prof. Yvo Desmedt (University of Texas at Dallas)
  • 17 April 2018: National Science Foundation - Discovery and Innovation, Dr.Mangala Sharma (NSF)
  • 27 February 2018: Cybersecurity Research Topics, Pierre Lison (NR), Carlos García Cordero (TU-Darmstady), Uli Fahrenberg (École Polytechnique), Nils Gruschka (UiO), Christophe Charrier (Uni Caen)
  • 9 February 2018: Machine Learning in Cybersecurity, Fabio Massimo Zennaro, UiO
  • 4 December 2017, Cybersecurity Challenges, Keith Martin (Royal Holloway), Janne Hagen (NVE), Mathias Ekstedt (KTH), Tord Persokrud (Conax), Frode Hommedal (Telenor)
  • 13 November 2017: Computational Trust, Mirko Tagliaferri (Univ. of Urbino, Italy)
  • 23 October 2017: Smart-Meter Security, Sujeet Shenoi (Univ. of Tulsa, USA)
  • 26 September 2017: Web Application Security, Halvor Sakshaug (Confirmit)
  • 31 August 2017: The Bitcoin Controversy, Vincent Olislagers, (Mikrobank).
  • 16 June 2017: Intelligence Analysis, Tore Pedersen, (Defence Intelligence College).
  • 3 May 2017: Privacy in Identity Management, Fatbardh Veseli (Goethe University Frankfurt).
  • 7 April 2017: Research Collaboration with the U.S. Army, Amanda B. Napier, (U.S. Army Research).
  • 23 March 2017: Exploit Prevention, Laszlo Erdodi (University of Oslo).
  • 28 February 2017: Post-Quantum Crypto, Thomas Gregersen (NSM).
  • 7 December 2016: Software Vulnerabilities and Exploit Methods, Laszlo Erdodi (University of Agder).
  • 25 November 2016: Security of the Go Programming Language, Anna-Katharina Wickert (TU-Darmstadt).
  • 6 October 2016: PKIs for Norwegian Passports and National Id Cards, Tage Stabell-Kulø, (Unibridge).
  • 16 September 2016: Subjective Bayesian Networks, Lance Kaplan (US Army Research Labs).
  • 10 June 2016: Privacy in Social Networks, Raúl Pardo Jiménez (Chalmers).
  • 26 May 2016: Security Evaluation and Certification, Helge Furuseth (NSM).
  • 5 April 2016: Virtual-Machine Security, Alfred Bratterud (HiOA).
  • 1 March 2016: Toll Road Security and Privacy, Tord Reistad (Public Road Administration).
  • 17 February 2016: Digital Currencies, Panel Discussion (Escape, Cybernetics Society).
  • 27 January 2016: Bluetooth Beacon Privacy, Atle Årnes (Norwegian Data Protection Authority).
  • 30 November 2015: TPM 2.0 - The New Trusted Platform Module, Federico Mancini (FFI)
  • 9 October 2015: Secure October - Security Research @ IFI and Partners.
  • 4 September 2015: Satellite Navigation Security, Øivind Christophersen (NSM).
  • 8 May 2015: Aadhaar: India's Unique Identity System, Prof. Dhiren Patel (NIT Surat, India).
  • 14 April 2015: Cryptography for People. Jan Camenisch (IBM Research Zurich)
  • 20 March 2015: The Internet is on Fire. Frode Hommedal (Telenor)
  • 11 March 2015: Secure Mobile Platform. Maria Selivanova (Eyasys)
  • 27 February 2015: Cyber Attack Detection. Jan Henrik Schou Straumsheim, mnemonic Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • 14 January 2015: Application Security. Erlend Oftedal (BEKK)
  • 29 October 2014: Meaningful risk assessment. Roy Stranden (Schibsted)
  • 17 September 2014: FutureID. Dr. Bud Peter Bruegger (Fraunhofer Institute)
  • 5 September 2014: Cybersecurity 2020. Dr. Daniel Ragsdale (DARPA)
  • 20 August 2014:Deploying Honeypots to Deceive and Thwart Adversaries. Lukas Rist (Honeynet)
  • 4 June 2014:Digital Rights Management on the Web. Tord Persokrud (Conax)
  • 14 May 2014:mCASH Security. Daniel R. Döderlein and Joachim Krüger (mCASH)
  • 23 April 2014:Unmanned Vehicles Security. Morten Hansbø (FFI)
  • 26 March 2014: The Insider Threat. Ronald Barø (PST)
  • 12 February 2014:e-Voting Security. Christian Bull (Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation)
  • 5 February 2014: Digitization of Resilience. Mareile Kaufmann (PRIO)
  • 29 January 2014: TPM, the Trusted Platform Module. Olav Ligaarden (NSM)
  • 16 January 2014: Bitcoin. Mikal Vike Villa (independent security expert)
  • November 2013: IDeALT, the National Identity Program. Annar Kr. Bohlin-Hansen and Jørn Anders Jenssen (Police Directorate)
  • October 2013: Security Governance in Norwegian Enterprises. Speaker: Kristine Beitland (Næringslivets Sikkerhetsråd, NSR).
  • September 2013: Cyber Security Management. Frank Stien (Telenor TSOC)
  • April 2013: Mobile phone security. Do van Thanh (Telenor and NTNU)
  • January 2013: Authentication and Access Control for eHealth. Peter Holmes (Folkehelseinstituttet)
  • December 2012: Risk Analysis . Roy Stranden (Ernest & Young)
  • November 2012: Buffer Overflow Attacks. Andreas Follner (EC-SPRIDE, CASED, Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt)
  • September 2012: Penetration Testing. Eirik R. Thormodsrud (Ernst & Young)
  • August 2012: Biometric Authentication Based on Keystroke Dynamics. Christophe Rosenberger (ENSICAEN, France)
  • June 2012: Designing Viable Identity Management Infrastructures. Jan Zibuschka (Fraunhofer Institute).
  • May 2012: Insider Threat Specification and Prediction. George Magklaras (University of Plymouth, UK)
  • April 2012: Intrusion Detection. Stian Jahr (mnemonic)
  • March 2012: eHealth Security. Suhail Mushtaq (Health Care CSIRT)
  • January 2012: Evolution of MinID and the ID Portal. Jon Ølnes (Difi)
  • November 2011: The Security Incident of TITAN at UiO. Margrete Raaum (USIT UiO)
  • October 2011: Challenges in Securing Online Banking, Lise Arneberg (BSK)
  • September 2011: Mobile Phone and Tablet Security. Andreas Hegna (Watchcom)
  • June 2011: Dynamic Access Control. Ed Dawson (QUT, Australia)
  • May 2011: Mobile Computer Forensics. Carsten Maartmann-Moe (Ernst & Young)
  • April 2011: The Stuxnet Worm. Geir Mork (Norman Data Defense)
  • March 2011: Cloud Security. Ole-Tom Seierstad (Microsoft)
  • February 2011: Risk Management. Bjørn Solhaug (SINTEF)
  • January 2011: VoIP Security. Sjur Eivind Usken, Honeynor / Phonect.
  • November-2010: RBAC and Financial Risk. Espen Opheim (Avanade)
  • October-2010: 1) Certificate Validation. Anders Fongen (FFI/NITH) and 2) Online Micropayments. Josef Noll (UiO/Movation/CWIN/UNIK)
  • September-2010: Breaking the Unbreakable Quantum Key Distribution. Lars Lydersen (NTNU/UNIK).
  • August-2010: Physical Layer Security over Wireless Channels. Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou (UiO/UNIK)
  • June-2010: e-Voting: National Efforts, Kristian Gjøsteen (NTNU).
  • May-2010: Passwords and Problems, Per Øyvind Hervik Thorsheim (EDB Business Partner)
  • April-2010: 1) Multivariate Trapdoor Functions, Smile Markovski and 2) Cryptographers' Panel (RSA Conference webcast).
  • March-2010: Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Knut Bjørnstad (ErgoGroup)
  • February-2010: Crypto Puzzles, Leif Nilsen (Thales)
  • January-2010: Wireless Security, Mark Looi (QUT), Moshfiq Chowdhury (UNIK)
  • December-2009: Advanced PKI Models, Mona Holsve Ofigsbø (NTNU/UNIK), Anders Fongen (FFI)
  • November-2009: 1) Virtual Organized Crime, Øyvind Skaar (UiO). 2) Resource Availability, Ole-Erik Hedenstad (FFI)
  • September-2009: Quantum Theory and Cryptography. Arnt Inge Vistnes (UiO), and Johannes Skaar, Sara Felloni (UNIK/NTNU).
  • June-2009: Spam Filtering. Kuldeep Singh (TKK/NTNU/UNIK) and Audun Jøsang (UiO/UNIK)
  • May-2009: 1) Petname Systems, Sadek Ferdous (TKK/NTNU/UNIK), 2) Cryptographers' Panel at RSA 2009 (Webcast)
  • April-2009: Mobile Services Security. Arne Riiber (EnCap) and Gyorgy Kalman (UNIK)
  • March-2009: Trusted Computing. Egil Martinsen (NSM) and Øyvind Skaar (UiO/UNIK)
  • February-2009: Botnets. Hans C. Hansen (Norman Data Defense) and Ravishankar Borgaonkar (TKK/NTNU/UNIK)
  • January-2009: Identity Management in Large Organisations. Anders Lund (Uninett) and Josef Noll (UiO/UNIK/Movation)
  • December-2008: Identity Federation - Trends and Technologies. Steinar Skagemo (DIFI) and Jonathan Scudder (Sun/UNIK/UiO)
  • November-2008: Privacy in new technological environments. Janne Lindqvist (HUT/TKK) and Gyorgy Kalman (UNIK)
  • October-2008: Trends in Malware. Snorre Fagerland (Norman) and Kris-Mikael Krister (NTNU/NSM)
  • September-2008: Advanced User Authentication. Petter Taugbøl (Encap) and Mads Henriksveen (Buypass)
  • August-2008: Identity Management. Rune Hagen (BSK) and Audun Jøsang (UiO)
  • June-2008: PKI and Validation Authorities; State of the Art. Jon Ølnes (DNV) and Lars Olaussen (NSM)
  • May-2008: 1) Polymorphic Virus Analysis, Egil Aspevik (UiO); and 2) SCIP, Terje Jensen (NSM)
  • April-2008: 1) New trends for SIM cards, Judith Rossebø (Telenor), and 2) Privacy Requirements, Åsmund Skomedal (NR)
  • March-2008: 1) NFC Security, Øivind Kure (UNIK) and 2) Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures, Hege Reithe Frium (UiO)

About AFSecurity

Academic Forum on Security is a meeting place in the Oslo area with focus on current issues and research questions related to information security. AFSecurity is organised by UiO Digital Security.

Constant technology innovation and the changing threat environment make information security an ongoing process that always requires new solutions. The AFSecurity seminar series is a response to this challenge and provides a forum for security innovation and exchange of ideas. Seminar speakers are representatives from industry, government and academia who are active in the research and development of IT and security solutions through national and international organisations.