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12:00h Welcome at IfI-2
12:00h Welcome at IfI-2, Room "C"
12:15h Invited talk
12:15h Invited talk

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VoIP Security

AFSecurity Seminar, Friday 28 January 2011, Room "C" (3437), IfI-2.

All interested are welcome.


12:00h Welcome at IfI-2, Room "C"

12:15h Invited talk

TITLE: VoIP fraud methods used on the Internet today

ABSTRACT: This talk focuses on methods used by attackers to discover and attack SIP PBX'es, and on possible defences.

SPEAKER: Sjur Eivind Usken (Honeynor / Phonect)

Bio: Sjur Eivind Usken has 10 years of experience in the VoIP world. He started with VoIP testing in Uninett, one of the founders of Phonect which became the largest white-label operator in Norway within two years after start and is now a part of the Honeynet Project focusing on VoIP security and frauds.

13:00h Discussion

13:15h End