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AFSecurity Seminar:

1) Certificate Validation and 2) Online Micropayments

Date: 21 October 2010

Location: Knowledge House, Kjeller


12:30h Welcome at Knowledge House

12:40h Talk

TITLE: Scalability of Certificate Validation

ABSTRACT: The purpose of a PKI is to validate certificates. Unfortunately, the scalability of validation can be limited when e.g. the PKI is fragmented or when the PKI allows certificate revocation. This talk presents various strategies for improving the scalability of certificate validation.

SPEAKER: Anders Fongen (FFI/NITH)

13:10h Discussion

13:30h Talk

TITLE: '[Online Credits and Micropayments: Technology and Applications

ABSTRACT: The lack of support for micropayments in online transactions is seen as a barrier to ubiquitous service delivery of small value transactions. This talk present an advanced architecture for micropayments that provides flexibility, portability and security.

Presentation Slides: Media:AFSec201010-Noll-UNIK.pdf

SPEAKER: Josef Noll (Movation/CWI/UNIK)

14:00h Discussion

14:15h End