September 2012

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AFSecurity Seminar

Penetration Testing

Date: Wednesday 19 September 2012.

Location: Meeting Room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


14:00h Welcome at IfI

14:15h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Eirik R. Thormodsrud (Ernst & Young).

TITLE: Penetration testing - a step beyond missing patches and weak passwords

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec20120919-Thormodsrud-EnY.pdf

ABSTRACT: This talk takes a tour of the common and less ordinary aspects of practical network security testing.

SPEAKER BIO: Eirik Thormodsrud has a Master's in Information Security from Royal Holloway College, University of London, and is the manager for security testing at Ernest & Young, Norway.

15:00h Discussion

15:30h End