Making ontologies

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 Shared properties

If you want two classes to share a property, please make sure that the shared property does not include any classes in its domain!

Lets say I have two classes, Municipality and County. Both of this units are identified, for instance, by the property "Name". We thus want to add this property to both of the classes. Then you need to:

  • Create the property within the correct Ontology. After creation, please check that it has no domains.
  1. Click on the Menu-item "Edit ontologies".
  2. Click the Ontology which have the classes that will share the property, in this case the Municipality and County class.
  3. Click on the New Property button, the second leftmost in the bottom of the Ontologies window.
  4. Type in the name in the Name-field.
  5. Click "Change the type of this property."
  6. Double click String
  7. Click Create.
  8. Click Save.
  • Edit every class that shall have the property, and add the property to the class.
  1. Click the Class that shall have the property.
  2. Click the tab named "Properties"
  3. Click in the field "Search Properties".
  4. Type in the name of the property, in this case "Name".
  5. Double click the Name-property. Make sure the property is within the same ontology!
  6. Click in the search field again.
  7. Hit the backspace-button (delete your search-term).
  8. Make sure all the old properties, and the new one, is listed in the Properties tab.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Start from point 1 for the next class.