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E Health Facility Registry

App providing an interface to the health facilities in a country (e.g. the Sierra Leone or Trainingland demo databases). The add should make it possible to search and list organisation units and see these in a map, along with relevant details regarding each facility such as type, the district it belongs to etc.

Group members

  • Karl Thomas Hauglid (
  • Krister Bakken (
  • Jostein Bleken Hellerud (

Link to the repository can be found here (if you are invited).

Example of app:


Milestone 1:

  • Create page
  • Create github repository

Milestone 2:

  • Got a search bar with auto suggestions
  • Got Google Maps up and running
  • Got some example data from api

Milestone 3:

  • Documented code
  • Removed warnings
  • Finished up the project

Summary of requirements

  • Search and list health facility based on different districts
    • Show relevant details regarding each facility, such as type, the district it belongs to etc
    • Show facilities on a map
  • Add new health facility by clicking on map.
    • Facility position is current user position
  • Edit health facility by clicking on the map or in the search results.


  • React.js
  • HTML5
  • Material-ui
  • Google maps
  • Express server

Time schedule

We will mostly work alone, but each monday in the group session we will meet up and work together.

We will also meet before each lecture to discuss what we have done since last time, and if we need to work more together in groups.

How we are dividing tasks within the group

The team will use Trello to divide tasks and cooperate.

Screenshots and screen flows

Early mock up

Up and running

Finished project

Documented learning during project

  • Learned to use React, Express, and Webpack
    • HTML and javascript
  • Trello for backlog and request control.
  • Deeper understading of Git for VCS
  • Google maps api
  • Material-UI