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Project: Facility Registry App


  • Present org units and facilities on a map.
  • Make the search for an individual organizational unit/facility intuitive and simple, using a live search.
  • Present the information pertaining to the chosen facility in a drop-down menu beneath its name.
  • Allow direct editing of an organizational units/facilitys information.


  • Single-paged with Angular JS.

Technologies and Frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Angular JS
  • DHIS2 Web app
  • Google Maps JavaScript API


Milestone 1: November 1st

  • Document features and architecture on Wiki.

Milestone 2: 15th November

  • First bare-bone version - static HTML.
  • Uploadable as DHIS2 web app.

Milestone 3: 30th November

  • Main version finished.
  • Final testing and polish begun.

Deadline: 5th December

Final Delivery 8th December & Presentation 9th December.

Distribution of Tasks

The distribution of tasks came to as we progressed with the project, with each of us working on various aspects.

A substantial amount of the work was done as collaboration on single computers, which might not be reflected by the individual commits in the repository.

In general terms each of us did:

Jonas Meier Strømme: 

  • Adding new Organisation Units/Facilities.
  • Editing existing units.
  • Passing coordinates selected by the user when creating a new facility.
  • General design of UI.

Jonas Evensen

  • Finding the location of the user.
  • Finding the closest facility to the user.
  • Initial search.

Haakon Wilhelm Ravik

  • Implementation of the map and interaction with Google Maps API.
  • Division of map into Organisation Units/Districts with borders.
  • Creation and updating of markers/borders on selection of units.
  • Infowindows for each organisation unit/district/facility.




General Overview


Add New Facility


Organisation Unit Borders


District Borders


Selecting a Facility


Find Closest Facility


Documented Learning 

None of us have had previous experience with AngularJS, the GoogleMaps API or DHIS, which resulted in a pretty harsh starting phase. Some of us had some previous interactions with Javascript, HTML and CSS, but to a limited degree, and not on bigger projects. 

The result of this is that the project slowly improved along with our competence with the chosen tools, with plenty of trial-and-error as well as a frustrating amount of time spent on small nuances and errors along the way.

In the end we've all worked sufficiently with AngularJS, HTML and CSS (and to some extent the DHIS and Google Maps APIs) now to be able to create simple, functional web-applications, but we still feel we have a lot to learn.

Link to Implementation

Suggested API Improvements

  • More documentation on the usage of GeoJSON, specifically more examples.
  • Many more examples than currently exists on authorization.

Team Members

  • Jonas Evensen
  • Jonas Meier Strømme
  • Haakon Wilhelm Ravik