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List of group members

Andreas Berglihn andbergl
Kenneth KjelsåsStrand kenneks
Jan-Ole Bårdevik janoleob

Summary of requirements

Time schedule

30.10.2013 Draft of wiki-page
15.11.2013 Understanding of the dhis2 app
30.11.2013 Upload the survey app to the dhis2 web page
8.12.2013 Final delivery
9.12.2013 Presentation

How you are dividing tasks within the group

Kenneth: 1/3

Andreas 1/3

Jan-Ole 1/3

== 33.3333333% each.

Screenshots and screen flows


Documented learning during project

In this project we have learned more aboute the dhis2 system. And good ways to use javascript for adding complex functionality to a web program. It's been hard and fun.

Suggested improvements to APIs

The documentation for saving settings in the API is wrong. This is something that sould be fixed ASAP. We have spent some houres on trying to make it work with faulty documentation, wich has been anoying. But at last we got our hands on the correct documentation, and after that we where able to save our work.

Link to repository

Download link to sample web app