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NorAsia Managing Organization Units

Group Members

  • Farooq Abdullah (
  • Imad Munir (
  • Theepan Karthigesan (
  • Waqas Maqsood (


Project : Managing Organization Units

Main Goals

  • Make a web app to manage organization units and facilities
  • Live search of organization units, all the related facilities, levels and presenting the information of required facility
  • Showing live search result location on Map
  • Able to add a new facility on Map
  • Making a drop down menu


Single page using Angular JS and Google Maps Api

Technologies Used

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Angular JS Framework
  • Html 5 & CSS 3
  • DHIS2 Web App
  • Google Maps JavaScript API

GitHub Link


Milestone 1: 8th November

Making a introductory wiki page,describing the specifications of the project.

Till now we have understood the following features of DHIS2 web apps:

  • It is a Health Information System deployed in several countries
  • One can easily populate data and search for data
  • It is a well managed example of how a web app can be user friendly because of its layout structure

Technologies that we understood are used as follows:

  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Spring MVC Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Postgres

Milestone 2: 22th November

  • Graphical User Interface i-e static Html
  • Interaction with DHIS2 web app

Milestone 3: 4th December

  • Completion of above mentioned goals described under description heading
  • Testing the above mentioned goals

Milestone 4: 11th December

  • Re-Testing and Final delivery of web app in DHIS2 environment.
  • Presentation: Mid December