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List of group members

  • Eskil Opdahl Nordland
  • Nicolay Mohebi
  • Torstein Brevig

Summary of requirements

B - Data store manager app.

  • Browse and update the values in the DHIS2 Data Store. User friendly presentation and navigation, possibly a way to keep an audit trail of changes and display/visualize statistics regarding the data, e.g. broken down by DHIS2 webapp (i.e. broken down by name space, assuming each app has a separate namespace).
  • You should first generate some data, which can for example be done using various Node.js libraries. See one example here.
  • The user interface should be nicely navigable
  • Update, create and delete key values in namespaces.

Time schedule

  • Milestone 1 (October 28th)
Planning and understanding of project
  • Milestone 2 (November 2nd)
Learning React and Redux

How you are dividing tasks within the group

  • Creating issues on Github. Whoever wants to solve an issue, does so.

Screenshots and screen flows

  • Data model:
Data model
  • Mockup:
Data model
Data model
Data model
Data model
Data model

Documented learning during project

  • React and Redux
  • Automatic code coverage and testing

Technologies used

  • React and Redux
  • Generated project with FountainJS, one of the best React code generators in the world (just for project setup!).
  • Using Travis-CI for testing
  • for static analysis, Travis pipes test reports to Codecov
  • Webpack, Sass, Gulp4, React-router

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

  • TBD

Link to repository