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Project Information

Developing a new version of the facility registration web application for DHIS2. The project is going to be developed using AngularJS and Bootstrap. 

Group members

Marius Maudal     - mariumau@ifi.uio.no

Alf André Walla    - alfandrw@ifi.uio.no

Martin Lyckander - martily@ifi.uio.no

Git repository



Single-page app

Should work well with mobile browsers

Proper map integration

Search/filter with instant feedback

Time schedule

1st November 

  • First draft of documentation with basic project information uploaded to wiki
  • Github repository created
  • Development environment set up. 
  • Project requirements draft finished

4th November

  • Read up on documentation and the DHIS api
  • Create the project and divide work amongst the teammembers

15th November

  • A working prototype with functionality to display facilities.
  • HTML layout finished, CSS-tweaking in progress. 

8th December

  • Delivery of the finished application

Work distribution

Will be decided in our next meeting where we will get a better
overview of the actual implementation.


Project learning

  • Gain an understanding of Javascript and Angular in particular

Suggested changes and improvements