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INF5750 2013

This Wiki is used for documenting the group projects for INF5750 2013. 

The overview of group project tasks can be found here

The group and members are here


Each group should follow these milestones:

  • Milestone 1: 1st November

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

  • Milestone 2: 15th November

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

  • Milestone 3: 30th November
  • Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.
  • Final delivery: 8th December
  • Presentation: 9th December

Tips and tricks

Feel free to add things here as you discover them.

  • Using the single event API on DHIS2
  • This is Mobilars' example app. Based on Angular. Does a few DHIS2 WEB Api calls. Now also with an update where it finds the correct DHIS2 API url by downloading its own manifest-file (the manifest file is edited by DHIS2 on app installation)
  • If you're using Single event, and are having problems with events not appearing in the analytics API, try reading this. You must have permission ALL or F_DATA_MART_ADMIN on your user to run these commands. On the demo db, only the system user has this. Not admin.

Installing DHIS2 sample data

Things to add to the project wiki

  • List of group members
  • Summary of requirements
  • Time schedule
  • How you are dividing tasks within the group
  • Screenshots and screen flows
  • Documented learning during project
  • Suggested improvements to APIs etc
  • Link to repository
  • Download link to sample web app or Android app

Group pages

These wiki-pages should be used for documenting the projects. The groups may change names if they wish. Create a sub-page (one or more) for your project, and document your project here. Follow this link to get a quick intro on how to add a page.