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INF5750 2016

This Wiki is used for documenting the group projects and readings for INF5750 2016. 

Overview of project tasks

(Last year's page is available here. However, be aware that the course has changed since 2015, when it was only pass/fail)


During the project period, make sure your group Wiki page reflects the status of your project and be aware that the group teachers will monitor activity in your Git repo.

Each group should follow these milestones:

Milestone 1: October 28

  • Document features and architecture on Wiki
  • Show understanding of your project task

Final Delivery: November 27

Written Exam: December 6

Group Presentation: December 7-9


Tracker API (somewhat dated, not everything may work)

Editing a wiki


Tutorial for installing DHIS2 sample data

Tips and tricks

Feel free to add things here as you discover them.

The easiest way to run DHIS2 on your own computer is to use DHIS2 Live. Download here. PLEASE USE POSTGRES 9.5, SINCE 9.6 SEEMS TO HAVE SOME JDBC ISSUES

Here are slides for Windows, things work similarly on Linux or OSX, though you would then start from the command line like this: ./startup.sh

Each project should create a shared Git repository, e.g. on Bitbucket.

  • You can also use play.dhis2.org, but remember that the database is reset every night (so you lose any changes you have made)
  • How to deploy your project files easily from Webstorm, so you can edit files in Webstorm, but test on a remote server. (Requires local installation of DHIS2)
  • It is not possible to upload the same app twice to DHIS2. If you want to update the app, you either have to edit the files directly on the server (log in using ssh) or delete it and reinstall it via the web. You delete the app via the web by going tp App management -> Settings and the clicking the name of the app, and pressing 'Delete'. 
  • When you zip your app files, make sure you zip then so that the AppManifest and other files are in the root of the zip-file. If you select the folder and zip, the files won't be zipped correctly. You need to go into your folder and then select all files and zip. 
  • Using the single event API on DHIS2 (Useful for embedding-apps-in-tracker also)
  • If you're using Single event, and are having problems with events not appearing in the analytics API, try reading this. You must have permission ALL or F_DATA_MART_ADMIN on your user to run these commands. On the demo db, only the system user has this. Not admin. To avoid running this from the Geo-location app (where you want to see recently uploaded events), you may want to keep a cache of the last uploaded events.
  • How to Edit dhis2 web pages (Relevant for Social & App-embedding)
  • For those who are doing changes of DHIS2 source code, you may want to read up a bit on Struts. here is a presentation from the 2012-version of INF5750. Struts has been removed from this year's course.


Each group will have 20 minutes to present their project to a panel of DHIS2 experts. The presentation must include project and group name, as well as a synopsis of the development process. Please highlight the contributions of each team member and include a demo of the final product. 

Project groups

Things to add to your group page

  • List of group members
  • Summary of requirements
  • Time schedule
  • How you are dividing tasks within the group
  • Screenshots and screen flows
  • Documented learning during project
  • Suggested improvements to APIs etc
  • Link to repository
  • Download link to sample web app

Group pages

Add a link to your own group's main page here.