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Group members

Alexander Korpusov (oleksako)

Dmitry Filosofov (dmitryf)

Saskia Brinkmann (saskiabr) - left the group due to personal issues

Product descriptions requirements


Master Facility List

Assignment description

This assignment involves making a DHIS2 Web App for searching, browsing and proposing changes to organisation units and related resources such as organisation units groups.


  • Searching through organisation units. The searching should support filtering.
  • Displaying attributes of organisation units. Users should be able to configure which attributes should be shown.
  • A possibility for users to propose changes for the organisation units and it's structure. The list with the changes should support filtering to show only proposals relevant for the particular administrator.


  • React - main library providing all of the necessary basic functionality for developing UI application.
  • react-router-dom - allows to make dynamic routing
  • fuse.js - used to provide fuzzy search functionality
  • leaflet - used to render maps
  • react-bootstrap - react components for bootstrap, provides easy way to write UI using bootstrap without the need to write out pure html.


Ween number Tasks
Week 43
  • Set-up wiki page
  • Choose main development frameworks and technologies
  • Learn React and DHIS2 api
Week 44
  • Make a basic web-app able to fetch from DHIS2 the organization units list. Display the list as well as the detailed info about a chosen orgunit
  • Decide on details of User Interface (UI) and start implementing it
Week 45
  • Implement UI
  • Search and filtering features
  • Add the option for users to configure which attributes of orgunits should be shown
  • Add Google maps
Week 46
  • Add the option to propose changes for organization units
  • Improve searching options
Week 47
  • Fix all the bugs
  • Make improvementswhere needed


We will be using open source products to develop our app, and our product itself will be open sources (MIT licensed).

React is MIT licensed.[1]

Material UI is MIT licensed.[2]

Division of labour

All the team members will contribute equally to the design and development of the application.

Link to project repository