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*Bendik Ibenholt
*Bendik Ibenholt
== Repository'''<br/>''' ==
== Repository ==
<pre><tt>origin https://henrikej@bitbucket.org/bestevenner/dhis2-facebook.git</tt>

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Interpretation to facebook

We will display interpretations on a webapp looking similar to a Facebook Wall.

Users will see comment threads for each interpretation and have an option of posting

comments themselves. We will provide functionality for posting interpretations to Facebook

and possibly other social media sites.


  • Milestone 1: 1st November:

Document features and architecture on Wiki

  • Milestone 2: 15th November:

First bare-bone versjon - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS web app

  • Milestone 3: 30th November

Finished, if applicable also with mobile app

  • Final delivery: ?
  • Presentation: ?


  • Displaying interpretations to a web app
  • Posting comments to an interpretation
  • Posting interpretations to facebook
  • Scalable interface


HTML5 and AngularJS will be our primary tools for this project.

The interpretations will be fetched from DHIS2 by their JSON API.

We will post to Facebook via their Graph JSON API. If we have time similar techonologies will

be applied for other social networking sites.

List of technologies and frameworks we will use:

  • JavaScript (angular)
  • JSON
  • HTML5
  • CSS


  • Esten Høyland Leonardsen
  • Henrik Janson
  • Maria Oltean
  • Alisa Odincova
  • Bendik Ibenholt