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== Architecture ==
== Architecture ==
== Features ==
== Technologies ==
== Technologies ==

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Group members

  • Guangyu Han
  • Halvor Kielland-Gyrud
  • Raheel Arshad Akthar

Summary of requirements

Web app showing the different organisation units of DHIS2.

More specific basic listing with a table, map functionality, adding and updating entries, search filter.

Mobile friendly layout.




  • Hibernate
  • Maven
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Maps Javascript API

Time schedule

  • Milestone 1: 3rd November

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

  • Milestone 2: 15th November

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

  • Milestone 3: 30th November

Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.

  • Final delivery: 8th December
  • Presentation: 9th December

How you are dividing tasks within the group

Specific tasks will be divided at a later time.

Screenshots and screen flows

Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository

Download link to sample web app or Android app