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Team: (link)

  • Aleksander Rem
  • Franck Roucou
  • Therese-Mari P. Thomassen


  • Single event without registration dataentry
  • Show current location
  • Data stored with location
  • Save dataentry with current location or selected location
  • Possiblitiy of storing images in entry form
  • Show data entered on map
  • Responsive design deployed as web and Android app
  • Login/Logout option
  • Search/filter existing events (on map or in a list)

Time schedule

  • Milestone 1: November 1st
    • Document features and architecture
    • Setup launchpad project
    • First prototype
  • Milestone 2: November 15th
    • First bearbone version
    • Uploadable App
  • Milestone 3: November 30th
    • Complete App
  • Final: December 8th
  • Presentation: December 9th



To be announced...

Screenshots and screen flows

To be announced...

Documented learning

  • Creating a launchpad project
  • ...

Suggested improvments to APIs

To be announced...


To be announced...


  • Get familiar to DHIS2 API
  • Define who is using the application (front desk?, medical staff?, administration?)
  • Define a more concrete workflow
  • Define the overall achitecture
  • Split the tasks
  • How to make an android app downloadable from DHIS2
  • ....
  • define more tasks