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Each group will be given a virtual server to use for your groups project. To see if your group has been allocated a server yet, please look at the group list available here.

The server has the following name template: inf5750-<groupnumber>

For example:

To log in to this server, you may need to be logging in from a UIO computer (such as Use SSH and use your normal UIO username and password to log in.

If you are not able to log in, please contact a group teacher or Lars Roland for help.

Your server is pre-installed with Postgres, Tomcat and DHIS2. The sample database has been installed on the postgres server.

The postgres server has username dhis and password dhis.

You can use psql to log into postgres if you want to do changes. Use the following command:

psql -U dhis

with the password dhis

You can log into the web-interface of dhis using admin as a user and district as a password.

Various notes

1. The home directories are not set. I'm looking into how to fix this, but it shouldn't be a major concern. Running SSH from the standard location can be a problem for example if you want to use GIT, but there are other ways of accessing GIT than SSH. 

2. The setting called "App base URL" in the dhis2 app management is pointing to the wrong URL (inf5750-mal), which means your links will come out wrong. You should fix this manually inside your apps. 

3. When installing an app, it's been reported that the files get the wrong permissions. A workaround is to install the files manually, but if you want to install via the web, talk to a group teacher or me to open up access to the files. 

The example app available on this link had a few bugs:

1. The links to external libraries were not https, which caused some issues when loaded on the demo-server that uses https. Leaflet and jquery files are now bundled with the app. 

2. The angularjs-controller had a bug for the leaflet page. 

Note also that the example app already installed on your server probably doesn't work out-of-the box. You need to reinstall the app, since the API-url is pointing to the wrong URL (inf5750-mal). 

Useful locations

The for the dhis installation is available here:


Your tomcat server webapp is available in the following directory:


The web apps installed on DHIS2 are installed in the following directory (which should be writable also for your user)


When you install your webapp into DHIS2, you can also modify the files in the above directory directly instead of uploading it via DHIS2 every time.