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Group members

Henrik Østgaard (henriost@student.matnat.uio.no)

Sindre Grønmyr (sindrgr@student.matnat.uio.no)

Kenneth Madsen (kennethmad@student.matnat.uio.no)

Product descriptions requirements

We have chosen to develop the Master Facility List.

We will be implementing:

  • Search functionality similar to the maintenance app with filtering for organisation unit groups.
  • A view of a specific unit or set of organisation units with position on map and all relevant info relating to that unit.
  • Possibility for users to suggest changes to units at all levels.
  • If a user is an admin, he/she should be able to see the suggestions, and possibly delete them, if wanted.



We will be using React with the help of:

We believe that by keeping as close as possible to DHIS2 in what design and framework we use we can keep the same feeling in UI/ usage and development of the web app.


Open source License as far as possible dependent on the frameworks and DHIS2.

Division of labour


  • Filter and search, wiki page, presentation, testing and fixing, other stuff


  • Filter and search, proposing changes, view of proposes for admins, wiki page, testing and fixing


  • Basic structure of code, search, views of units, maps, proposing changes, wiki page, testing and fixing


This is a rough schedule of how we plan to set up the project work:

Week 43

  • Write the wiki page
  • Establish requirements
  • Get familiar with DHIS2 api
  • Implement a simple React app
  • Make and setup repository

Week 44

  • Start to implement the app
  • Interaction with the DHIS2 api

Week 45

  • MILESTONE: Basic search and filtering functionality

Week 46

  • Implement different views (groups, group sets)

Week 47

  • Polish user interface
  • Bug fixes

Week 48

  • Finished product

Link to project repository

Master Facility List