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Group members

  • Vebjørn Kvisli (
  • Halvard Hella Kværna (
  • Andreas Hauge Standal (


Master Facility List

Timeline for Development

Week 42

  • Created our first React app.
  • Created an organization and repository on GitHub.
  • Fetched our first data from the api using fetch().
  • Created a simple layout for the Master Facility List (MFL) with a navigation bar, search option boxes and a result page.
  • Added some styling with css and React Bootstrap.

Week 43

  • Improved navigation bar style
  • Improved overall layout style
  • Added support for string matching of user-input for organizatons to get relevant organizations.
  • Added toggle button for advanced search user inputs.
  • Added routing of navigation bar buttons.

Plans for week 44 and onwards

  • Link search boxes to their respective functions to fetch and print the correct data.
  • Integrate google maps or a similar map function to display the organizations using their coordinates.
  • Evaluate the best method for filtering data, either during fetch()-call, or afterwards using JS (a mix might be required for more advanced searches).
  • Figure out the best way to do paging when there are many results.
  • Add functionality for feedback and user suggestions.
  • Continue development of dynamically updating search fields.
  • Continue adding functionality and link everything together.


The application is created using React.

  • React Bootstrap
  • Google Maps API

Git repository