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The InvalidGroupNameException group will design an incomplex quiz application for the DHIS2 platform intended for teaching inexperienced users how to properly interact with system.


  • Marie Katrine Ekeberg mariuek
  • Martin Røed Jacobsen martirj
  • Vebjørn Ring Sjølyst vebjorrs


The system should be able to assess the knowledge of its users by presenting them with a quiz. 

Supervisors should be able to create quizes of arbitrary length with an intiuitive user interface.

User should be able to answer questions with minimal effort.



  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS


  • DHIS2


Milestone 1

Gain a sufficient understanding of the DHIS2 web applications platform. Identify software requirements and document initial design.

ECT November 1st

Milestone 2

Static HTML version should be ready.

ECT November 15th

Milestone 3

Finalize the web app. The app(s) should work like described.

ECT November 30th


Static HTML app for user (taking a quiz)

Static HTML app for admin (quiz/course creation)

The first menu in the quiz-creation app is the course-window, where we can select which course we want to edit.  When we have selected a course we will be presented with a interface for creating a quiz.

static-admin.png static-admin2.png


Our github-repo is located at