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== Group Members ==
== Group Members ==
*Andreas Lind-Johansen
*Andreas Lind-Johansen <small>andrelin</small>
*Atle Nordland <small>atleno</small>
*Atle Nordland
*Stian Larsen <small>stila</small>
*Stian Larsen
== Project: Facility Registry App ==
== Project: Facility Registry App ==

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Group Members

  • Andreas Lind-Johansen andrelin
  • Atle Nordland atleno
  • Stian Larsen stila

Project: Facility Registry App

Framework & Tools

  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • Notepad


  • Single-page using JavaScript, Bootstrap and AngularJS
  • Retain tree-view of organisations, but make it prettier to go along with the rest of the UI
  • Add live-update map functionality (show locstion on map when viewing or editing an OrgUnit)
  • When using the search-filter functionality, eliminate the need for a button by updating the list view on-the-fly.