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We are going to add a feature to DHIS2 so that a user can add location to patients, diseases etc. The app should then be able to fetch the location, and display it on a map. The user can either type the wanted coordinates, or use the built-in GPS.


  • André Kramer Orten |
  • Eivind Wikheim |
  • Rune A. Magnussen |
  • Kenneth Klette Jonassen |

We will contribute code to a public github repository:

Milestones are preliminary and subject to change.

Milestone 1 – 01.11.2013

  • Explored the scope/extent of our project.
    • Target audience
    • Specific use-cases
  • Explored how the current DHIS2 web app solves (or does not solve) these use-cases today.
    • Usability analysis
  • Explored initial low-fidelity prototyping of user interface (sketches)
  • Explored functionality in the DHIS2 Web API

Milestone 2 – 15.11.2013

  • High-fidelity prototype of the web app (should represent/imitate the final result)

Milestone 2.1

  • High-fidelity prototype of the mobile app

Milestone 3 – 30.11.2013

  • Functional web app

Milestone 4 – 08.12.2013

  • Fully-functional app


  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript built on existing libraries
    • jQuery
    • Underscore HTML templates
    • Modernizr abstraction of cross-browser incompatibilities
  • Cordova or Phonegap
  • DHIS2 Web API
  • Google Maps Javaascript API