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== Github repository ==
== Github repository ==
[https://github.uio.no/LittRomForFeil LittRomForFeil on Github]
[https://github.uio.no/LittRomForFeil/master-facility-list LittRomForFeil on Github]

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Group members

  • Haakon Konrad
  • Bård Johnsen
  • Silje Dahl
  • Matthias Wenger

Project assignment

We have chosen to work on the Master Facility List project.

Architecture and frameworks

We have chosen to work on React as it seems to be light-weight, easy to get started with and has a large developer community.


Week 43

  • Finalize project description
  • Set up repository
  • Decide on frameworks

Week 44

Setup frameworks, test API

Week 45

Show relevant data from API

Week 46

Fix major bugs

Finalize app

Week 47

Final bugfix

Prepare presentation

Division of labor

Github repository

LittRomForFeil on Github