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Group members

  • Haakon Konrad
  • Bård Johnsen
  • Silje Dahl
  • Matthias Wenger

Project Assignment Description

We have chosen the assignment: "Master Facility List".

Overview: An user friendly app for searching, browsing and propose changes to organisation units and related resource as organisation units groups.

Key features to be implemented:

  • For each organisation units display:
    • All attributes
    • GIS cordinates
    • Membership in organisation unit groups
    • Data sets assigned to a particular facility
  • Optional editing features only available for users with appropriate system authorities
  • Configuration Page that for a particular organisation unit will display: (for example: population estimates, staff count )
    • Data element
      • for: this year / last year
    • Indicator values
      • for: this year / last year
  • Searching an Filtering
    • by name
    • Organisation unit groups
    • Organisation unit hierarchy
    • Data sets and a combination of these
  • Support for any user of the app to propose changes
  • Interface for administrators to review and filter submitted proposed changes, and marking them as resolved/invalid appropriately

Architecture and frameworks

Light weight architecture. The DHIS2 server handles most of the data, while the client is mainly for presentation.

Project Core:

The core of the Project uses React. React handles the user interaction, the communication with the DHIS2 server, and the rendering of the components. React was also chosen since it is light weight, compared to for example angular. It also offers a large development community as well as several frameworks which can be used in addition to it.

The UI:

The design of the project was implemented using Material UI

The Map:

The displayed map uses Leaflet.

Additional Frameworks:

React table, for displaying the values received from the DHIS2 server.

App Description

The project is an opens source application for the DHIS2 platform with the goal of providing a simple interface to display the different organisation units and health facilities is a country. The app uses the DHIS2 platform which provides and maintains the necessary data.


The application provides the option to search through the DHIS2 database to find de different organisation units. It further allows the user to select one of the found units to display relevant information, including the location on a map. The app also offert the option to suggest changes which can be viewed and edited by an administrator.

Timeline of the development process

Week 43

  • Finalize project description
  • Set up repository
  • Decide on frameworks

Week 44

  • Setup frameworks
  • Playing around with the API

Week 45

  • Show attributes from an organization unit. included but not limited too:
    • All attributes
    • GIS cordinates
    • Membership in organisation unit groups
    • Data sets assigned to a particular facility
  • Wireframe design of org unit view

Week 46

  • Implement the following:
    • Org unit view
    • Configuration page
    • Search function

Week 47

  • Finalize app

Week 48

  • Final bugfix
  • Prepare presentation

Division of labor

Silje Dahl: Map, General Coding, Debugging, Wiki.

Bård Johnsen: Search functionallity, General Coding, CSS.

Matthias Wenger: Design, CSS, Presentation, Wiki.


The app is licensed under the MIT license.

Github repository

LittRomForFeil on Github