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 Group members

  • Dana Zangana
  • Niklas Mortensen Hamang
  • Minh Duong
  • Thach Khoi Pham

Link to the repository:

Product description


Master Facility List


The app have two main views: a user tabs; and an administrator tabs.

  • User tabs:
  1. The user can search simply by name or more advanced using a combo of multiple variables
  2. Browse information on different organisatation-units.
  • Admin tabs:


To make a web app that allow for user friendly searching, browsing and proposing changes for facilities within the DHIS2 data, with main focus on searching,


Users should be able to:

  • To find all units, search based on:
    • The units name.
    • The units group.
    • The units hierarchy.
    • The data set information
    • Or a combination of these.
  • View information about the unit, like:
    • GIS coordinates, if available.
    • The units group membership
    • The units data set
    • The stats of the unit
  • Submit change proposals

Administrators should be able to:

  • View change proposals relevant to the units they manage
  • Mark relevant proposals as complete/invalid, marked proposals should be hidden by default.
  • Manage data to be show for a given unit


We have divided the project into a couple of main tasks:

  • Create a basic web app for DHIS2 [Complete]
  • A search bar which is able to retrieve info from the DHIS2 api [Complete]
  • A detail search of viewing units and filtering search results [Complete]
  • Able to draw and view organisation units on the map [Complete]
  • Able to edit organization units [Complete]


Week Description
41-42 Build group & choose assignment
41-44 Work on wiki for the 1. of November
42-43 Build base app, familiarize with frameworks
43-45 work with API-calls
44 Work with front-end of the search and display views
44-46 Implementing functionality for search, display and configuration
46-47 Bug fix and finilizing


Angular 4, Jquery & npm all fall under the MIT license. As does the Leaflet and Angular-cli. So we choose to continue to license under the MIT license to keep open and none restrictive to derived work.


Information/data should only be retrieved on an as needed basis. Search should be altered when the user commits parameters.

Dataset configuration should be stored using the units ID.

DataStore { 
		config: { 
			orgUnitID: [

Proposals are stored in:[organisationUnitId]/[proposal ids]

Technologies used
  • Angular 4
  • Typescript
  • CSS, HTML, jQuery
  • LeafletNode & npm
  • Angular-cli

How we are dividing tasks within the group

Built basic app - Thach

Basic search - Dana & Nicklas

Displaying Info - Minh & Thach

Advanced Search - Dana & Nicklas

Sending Proposal changes - Minh & Thach

View proposal - Minh

Choosing configuration - Nicklas & Thach