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Group members of N.E.T

- Nguyen (congnn@ifi.uio.no)

- Eivind (eivineng@ifi.uio.no)

- Thuc (thucth@ifi.uio.no)

Requirements for the Survey app

- Single event data entry form

- Skip logic (eg. If pregnant, fill in these extra forms)

- Make interface for easily defining form and skip logic (integrated with single event, but you’ll need some additional info)

- Available as DHIS2 web app and Android app (phonegap) - Touch friendly UI

(copied directly from Lecture 6 - Group projects)

Milestones set by course-teachers

Each group should follow these milestones:

Milestone 1: 1st November

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

Milestone 2: 15th November

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

Milestone 3: 30th November

Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.
Final delivery: 8th December
Presentation: 9th December

Work divided between group members

This is the current plan and work schedule for each of the members in this group:

Eivind is currently working with (TODO) 1.2.

Nguyen is currently working with (TODO) 1.1.

Thuc is currently working with (TODO) 1.3.

  • As a start I'll develop the data extraction and saving the datasets in pure JS, no frameworks.

We hope to finish step 1 of the to do list as fast as possible.

Work logs

--- Thuc's work log ---

To do:

Create a dropdown menu with all programs the users have access to (http://apps.dhis2.org/demo/api/programs.json)

  • Create a single-page with possibility of both creating skip logic and also retrieve forms (Angular/Ember/jQuery/something else?)


  • Data extraction sucessful


- JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, EmberJS/AngularJS, Bootstrap Twitter

- Instead of only skip logic, we'll try to implement the Survey app with "grow" logic. 

- We define "grow" logic as giving the user only the nessesary data/questions/choices at a certain time. And skipping the alternatives that aren't relevant for the answer.

[Example] If the user has chosen their gender as male earlier in the survey, the question of being pregnant will never shown.

To do list

0: Create a GitHub repository for the group | [DONE] GitHub-masterbranch: https://github.com/ThucHoang/INF5750_Survey.git

1.1: Upload a test-zip with a working manifest file to test out how the web-app works. [DONE] Uploaded a dummy app: http://apps.dhis2.org/apps/test//index.html

1.2: Create a simple webpage with working skip logic 

1.3: Use EmberJS/Angular to retrieve data from the Web API

2: To be continued...

Group meeting log

29th October 2013: First meeting of the N.E.T group. Deciding the architechture and how we should proceed with the project. Next meeting will be held on Friday 1st November.

1st November 2013: Decided which frameworks to use, still unsure if we're going to use Ember or Angular, but that will be tested and the result will be presented in the next group meeting. The work dividing-are has been updated, we've also created a to-do list (workplan) for the upcoming days/weeks. Next meeting will be: Thursday 7th November 2013