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(Development timeline)
(Development timeline)
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| 19-11
| 19-11
| All features implemented

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Group members

  • Axel Hjelmervik Hansen (axelhha)
  • André Djupvik Sørensen (andreds)


Stock Level Visualisations

Project description requirements

The application will make it possible to visualise stock level data in two different ways:

  • The time trend of the chosen stock for one organisation unit .
  • An estimate of numbers of months left of the chosen stock for a selection of organisation units.

Both will support configurable max and min stock levels, and organisation units with an estimation outside the threshold will be highlighted. An administrator should be able to set the max and min threshold as a default value, but users will have the possibility to override the values of the thresholds.

The calculations of the estimate of numbers of months left of stock is based on the average amounts of stock used in recent periods and the amount in stock this period.

(Stock available at the end of month)/average(Stock used in x recent months) = Estimated months of stock left

The app will also include an interface for selecting data elements and indicators for the analysis, so the app will be usable in different countries.


The main framework we will be using will be React

  • React
    • As our project will mainly revolve around UI and we're both interested in learning React, this seemed like the proper choice.
  • DHIS2 Data Visualizer
    • We want to reuse as much as possible of the plugins/tools that already exists in DHIS2.

Development timeline

Date Goal Comment
05-11 Prototype
19-11 All features implemented
26-11 Final testing

Division of labour

To ensure that every team member has a good knowledge of the project, each will work a little bit on everything.

As we're both new to React, this approach will also make sure that the average quality will be concise.

Project repository