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== Screenshots and screen flows ==
== Screenshots and screen flows ==
== Documented learning during project ==
== Documented learning during project ==

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This Wiki is used for documenting the group projects by Placeholder. 

Group Members

  • Lars Ivar Kleven
  • Michelle Cheung
  • Rebekka Soma

Summary of requirements

Time schedule


Date Milestone
November 3rd

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding on DHIS web apps

November 17th

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS web app

November 30th

Finished app, if applicable also with mobile app

December 1st

Create presentation

The group will meet every Wednesday at 10:00 for the group sessions.

How you are dividing tasks within the group

We have divided the task continiously during the process, as well as worked with the technique peer programming. 


There will be two pages

  1. Index page: User need to choose clinic/hospital, check boxes in a checklist for the quality assurance and finally submit the list.
  2. Statistics page: All clinics and their result will be listed up in this page. 

On the index page, the user will be met by a drop down menu with all the regions of Sierra Leone. When a region has been chosen, a text field will appear where the user can start to type, which will make suggestions appear as the filter finds matches. When the user has succesfully found the right clinic, a checklist with inputs predefined by an administrator will show. The users will check boxes in the list according to their own information, and when finished they will submit the list. The application will save the information in SystemSettings undet the URL /api/systemSetting/phArray in the DHIS database.

The data will all be saved as one event in the database.

The second page of our application is a page that shows statistics. The application will go into the database and get information about all clinics, their forms and their percentage of data quality completeness. The user will be shown a table for each clinic, their forms and the average completeness of each form. 

Screenshots and screen flows


Documented learning during project

Be careful with your commits and fetches.

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository


Download link to sample web app or Android app