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Managing Organization Units

This is one of many teams working with the project, Managing Organization Units. The project is to make a web application and maybe a mobile application for DHIS (District Health Information System)

Presentation of Team Members

Members of Puffin Commando Squad:

Name E-mail Phone
Kim Jonatan Wessel Bjørneset kjbjorne@ifi.uio.no 99328010
Kjetil Justnes kjetiju@student.matnat.uio.no N/A
Aksel Ladegård Wester aksellw@ifi.uio.no N/A


Milestone 1: 8th November

  • Create the wiki-page for Puffin Commando Squad at INF5750 .
    • Present the team members.
    • Discuss the methodology and technology we are going to use in the project.
    • Document features and architectures, e.g. diagrams, sketches and screens flow.
    • Create and link the repository to the project.
    • Find out how we can work as a team and divide tasks.

Milestone 2: 22th November

  • First bare-bone version - static HTM.
  • First DHIS/Android app uploaded.
  • Write down how we will split the work.
  • Updated screenshots and design.
  • Discuss the database design and used DHIS API.

Milestone 3: 4th December

  • Finished project!
  • Document design, flow and screenshots.
  • Document missing features and what can be improved.
  • Write down how we actually splitted the work.
  • Explanation on how to install and/or run the app if applicable.
  • Final delivery by 11th December.

Methodology and Technology

We will make a web application in Angular.js. The API or business logic needs to go into angular factories. If we have the time we want to try and make a mobile application for the project.

We will be using following technologies:

  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Angular 2.0
  • Google Maps API (for maps and markings in maps)

Features and Architecture

  • Visualize position of the organization units on the map based on search results.
  • Clik on the map to create organization unit
  • Click on the marker on the map to view details about or edit the unit.
  • Autocomplete search: filter search based on levels.
  • Might work on getting the project to work as a Mobile application aswell.

Project Presentation

The project will be presented at IFI somewhere in the middle of December.

Link to the Repository

We are currently using a private repository at Github since we don't want our files to be public yet.

Puffin Commando Squad