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== Project Repository ==
== Project Repository ==
[https://github.uio.no/mariunkl/Raviga Raviga]
== Raviga ==

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Group Members

  • Henriette Ekeberg
  • Håkon Thorkildsen Smørvik
  • Marius Nilsen Kluften


Sub-National Reports


The assignments involves creating an app that allows a user to select an existing pivot table (PT) or data visualiser (DV), and reproduce the favourite for a set of organisation units in a layout that makes them possible to compare.

- We need to create an interface which allows a user to view different charts and tables side-by-side to make the data more easily comparable.

The app must have an interface for choosing the organisation units for which to reproduce the favourite.

- For example a list with checkboxes which is populated by the available OU's which dynamically updates the current favourites currently on display.

This assignment thus requires studying the metadata format for the favourites in to understand how it can modified to show the relevant organisation units, and then drawing it with the DHIS2 chart or pivot table plugins.

- We need to utilise the current DV and PT plugins to correctly display the relevant data for each organisation unit.

It should be possible for an administrator (in this case users with the authority to add/edit public PT or DV favourites) to highlight certain favourites that are of particular relevance for this type of analysis in a shortlist of favourites.

- We need to create an additional interface for an administrator which is used to manipulate available favourites for the users. Hide/Show etc. favourites, depending on relevance.

And for individual users to highlight favourites that they personally use often.

- A kind of "bookmark"-functionality for a user, to favourite a favourite.

This information could be saved using the dataStore (public) and userDataStore (private) API endpoints respectively.

- Securely store data using trusted endpoints.

Optionally, you can add support for:

  • making new charts or tables from scratch within the app rather than starting with a pre-defined favourite
    • An interface which offers the same functionality to create a favourite as both the Pivot Table and the Data Visualizer offers.
  • add support for GIS favourites
    • Make it possible to add geographically represented charts as well, and make it easier to compare these.

Overview - TODO


Rough sketch: Project


  • Vue.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Vue
  • RxJS API
  • webpack
  • Babel
  • ESLint
  • Express
  • @akanass/rx-http-request



Licensing - TODO

We are going to use some licenses.

Division of labor - TODO

100%/3 = 33%/per group member

Project Repository