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Group members

  • Malin Aandahl (mwaandah)
  • Mari Grønberg (margronb)
  • Christina H. Andresen (chrhan)

Product descriptions requirements

  • A description of the product you are developing, including features/requirements being implemented and mockups/screenshots. Also specify which assignment you have chosen.
  • We have choosen the Stock project TODO: Write more here and look at what features we need. Front-end, back-end, visualization++?



We have chosen React, because we are a little familiar with the framework from before.


Not sure if we need this yet.


We chose this to help us with the styling of our project. Material-UI is easy to get started with and has a modern design, compared to other frameworks such as bootstrap.


D3, a JavaScript library for visualising data, it seems like a good tool for visualisation.


Not sure if we need this yet.


  • Discuss the implications (if any) on the product you are development from the software licenses of the frameworks and libraries you are using.
  • TODO: Check this up!

Division of labour


Visualisation and design


Back-end, integrate DHIS API, handle API data



Time schedule

Week 43 Week 44
Week 43 Get data from the API

Design for front-end development

Communicate with D3

Wiki page

Week 44 Make visualisation of an organisational unit for one year.
Week 45 Main components done
Week 46 Bug fixing and final touches

Project repository