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Group members

  • Malin Aandahl (mwaandah)
  • Mari Grønberg (margronb)
  • Christina H. Andresen (chrhan)

Product descriptions requirements

  • A description of the product you are developing, including features/requirements being implemented and mockups/screenshots. Also specify which assignment you have chosen.
  • We have choosen the Stock project TODO: Write more here and look at what features we need. Front-end, back-end, visualization++?


  • Describe the technical architecture of the product, including what frameworks you will be using (e.g. react, angular, others) and /why/ you have chosen these.
  • We are going to use React to the front-end part and NodeJS to the back-end part. We're planning to use the visualization tool D3. We have choosen these technologies since we are a little familiar with React and NodeJS. D3 seems like a good tool for visualization.


  • Discuss the implications (if any) on the product you are development from the software licenses of the frameworks and libraries you are using.
  • TODO: Check this up!

Division of labour

  • Describe how tasks are divided within the group.
  • Malin: Visualization and design
  • Mari : Back-end, integrate DHIS API, handle API data
  • Christina : Front-end,

Project repository