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Team members

  • Mathias Stang (mjstang)
  • Patryk Kucmann (patrykk)
  • Guro Møller Ødegård (guromod)
  • Pavel Shramau (pavelsh)

Product descriptions requirements

Stock Level Visualisations

The app should let the user choose one or more organisations, as well as the indicators/data elements. This should display the estimated months of stock left for the selected elements, possibly also the estimated time until stocks reach minimum limit, and a visualisation of the time-trend of stock availability. The administrators should be able to change default limits.


We chose React as our main framework, as it's a widely used, well documented framework. We may use the Visualizer chart plug-in if using charts will be necessary, and if the plugin gives us the necessary features.

TODO: Describe the technical architecture of the product, including what frameworks you will be using (e.g. react, angular, others) and /why/ you have chosen these.


  • 1. nov - wiki page


TODO: Discuss the implications (if any) on the product you are development from the software licenses of the frameworks and libraries you are using.

Division of labour

TODO: Describe how tasks are divided within the group.


GitHub repository