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When analysing health information, comparing different geographical areas is critical. One example of this is looking at time trends of tuberculosis cases in a country or region. While the built in reporting tools of DHIS2 can produce charts, maps and tables with multiple geographical areas, it is sometimes easier to analyse data by comparing multiple charts/ maps/ tables in a list or grid rather than including all information in one element. The DHIS2 dashboard can provide this type of layout, however, it does not support automatically replicating one chart/ table/ map for multiple organisation units.


The assignments involves creating an app that allows a user to select an existing pivot table (PT) or data visualiser (DV), and reproduce the favourite for a set of organisation units in a layout that makes them possible to compare. The app must have an interface for choosing the organisation units for which to reproduce the favourite. This assignment thus requires studying the metadata format for the favourites in to understand how it can modified to show the relevant organisation units, and then drawing it with the DHIS2 chart or pivot table plugins.

It should be possible for an administrator (in this case users with the authority to add/edit public PT or DV favourites) to highlight certain favourites that are of particular relevance for this type of analysis in a shortlist of favourites, and for individual users to highlight favourites that they personally use often. This information could be saved using the dataStore (public) and userDataStore (private) API endpoints respectively.

Optionally, you can add support for:

  • making new charts or tables from scratch within the app rather than starting with a pre-defined favourite
  • add support for GIS favourites



DHIS2 standard app.


Example showing the concept.