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1. Group members
  • Shahzad :[]
  • Niclas :[]
  • Nedim :[]

2. Use Case
1. User uses this application to get a combination of Facebook and DHIS profile.

3. Features
   Each DHIS user will have a

  • Display Picture From Facebook
  • Name, Email, Nationality (basic info) From DHIS
  • Mutual Friends
  • User will have a Customized "News Feed" where (s)he can like/comment shared contents.[Not Decided Yet]

4. Screenshots

  1. This is the original DHIS profile. We want to keep much of the original graphics, but integrate Facebook profile picture and common friends.
Original profile view.JPG

  2. This is your profile view. It gets the basic information from the DHIS-user you are logged in as, and the facebook picture, name and friends from the logged in facebook-user on your computer.

  3. This is the bottom of the profileview where you find your facebook friends.

  4. Here is the page with all the DHIS-users placed in the scrollbar to the left. If you click on one of them, you will get to view their DHIS-profile, facebook-picture, and your mutual friends if you have some.

  5. Lower part of the "All users" page.
Allusers mutualfriends.JPG

  6. Here you can find some explanations on how to make it work properly. For instance that you need to add a "facebookid" attribute in DHIS-profile.

  7. If you are not logged into facebook in you browser, press this button in the top right corner to login with our app.

  8. The loginbutton will bring up this plugin that lets you log in to facebook.

5. Technology

  •   HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery

6. Group Tasks

By 7/11:
Shazhad - Make the barebone Html UI
Niclas - Try to connect javascript functions with DHIS api.
Nedim - Look into facebook api.

By 15/11:
Shazhad - Connect facebookusers to dhisusers. Get profilepicture, friends (mutual friends) from user id.
Niclas - Make it possible to login to DHIS and get user information, and get a list of all users.
Nedim - Make it possible to login to DHIS and get user information, and get a list of all users.

By 26/11:
Shazhad - Continue working on mutual friends
Niclas - Finish the "all users" design and functionallity, and fix all bugs
Nedim - Continue on getting the mutualfriends view to work.

7. Online Repository
Link to our LaunchPad repository:


8. Log
Finished a barebone html UI.
Runnable app installed in DHIS.

Finished a method to get DHIS user information.

Finished static methods to get profile picture and friends from facebook.


Dynamic AccessTokens for facebook are now mainted, but with some user access errors. Mutual Firends List is implemented.

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app zipped.

25/11: We have made some changes to the login system( we actually doesn't need it) and rejected the idea of using Facebook token. We just have to impliment the script in the .html file instead of .js file.

We also have fixed a lot of bugs in the system, and changed the design of getting all users and viewing their information. In addition inserted some more facebook information to each user.


9. Milestones

Milestone 1 (1st November)

Document features and architecture on Wiki
Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

Milestone 2 (15th November)

First bare-bone version - static HTML
Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

Milestone 3 (30th November)

Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.

Final delivery: 8th December, Presentation 10th December

Picture of the group members!

Skjermbilde 2013-12-12 kl. 14.35.18.png