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Group members

Mikkel Bakken

Ingvild Larsen

Carl Petter Boehlke

Kristian Pedersen

Assignment :

Stock Level Visualisations



The application shall have two modes:

- Estimates, showing estimated months left of a selected stock, for chosen organization units.

- Time trend, showing time trend of stock for a single organization unit.

Functional requirements:

The user can choose between the two modes described above.

For "Estimates":

- The user can specify one stock type, and multiple organization units.

- Show current estimates as columns in a column diagram.

- Columns outside the specified min/max boundaries will be highlighted.

- Estimates are calculated based on average consumption over the last 3 months, and current stock levels ((current stock) / (average consumption) = estimated months left).

For "Time trend":

- The user can select an organization unit, and a stock type.

- Show time trend as a graph (to do).

- The min/max boundaries are shown as lines in the graph.

- The user can choose the time period they wish to see the time trend for (by default the last 6 months).


- Default min/max boundaries can be set by an administrator (administrator view in mockup).

- The user can specify their own desired min/max boundaries as well (user view in mockups).

- If the administrator has not set a default min/max boundary, there is no default min/max boundary in the plot.



We have chosen React, because of the view focused framework. We also feel that the group as a whole has more experience with React.

- Highcharts


To do