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= TeamNSA 2014 =
= TeamNSA 2014 =
This Wiki is used for documenting the group project by TeamNSA 2014. 
This Wiki is used for documenting the group project by TeamNSA 2014.
 [http://inf5750-23.uio.no/dhis-web-commons/security/login.action;jsessionid=911049C06C1681C7D689DD7F5DDA67D0 http://inf5750-23.uio.no/dhis-web-commons/security/login.action;jsessionid=911049C06C1681C7D689DD7F5DDA67D0]
We are currently working on (/#/view4): [http://inf5750-23.uio.no/apps/pregit/facilityAPP/#/view4 http://inf5750-23.uio.no/apps/pregit/facilityAPP/#/view4]
== Group Members ==
== Group Members ==

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TeamNSA 2014

This Wiki is used for documenting the group project by TeamNSA 2014.

We are currently working on (/#/view4): http://inf5750-23.uio.no/apps/pregit/facilityAPP/#/view4

Group Members

  • Ratish Mohan
  • Haris Sistek
  • Daniel Sunde

Summary of requirements

Working web app that shows org units.

A map that shows each org unit.

Everything in a single page.

Time schedule


  • Milestone 1: 1st November

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

  • Milestone 2: 15th November

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

  • Milestone 3: 30th November
  • Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.
  • Final delivery: 8th December
  • Presentation: 9th December

How you are dividing tasks within the group

Need to get overview of tasks before we can divide.


Showing a map with all org units.

Ability to search for a org unit and then display it on the map.

Categories org units under major group and give the ability to only show major groups on the map.

A scrollable list with all org units. Be able to click a name and have it show on the map.

Be able to edit the org unit.

Screenshots and screen flows

Example 1:

Enlarged Map.PNG

A search engine to find an org unit.

Scrollable list for each org unit that is clickable and will show it on the map.

Major categories that shows the location of all Hostpitals etc.

Standard view of the site: This is a aproximate of how the main page should look and feel like.

When clicking an org unit: Since it's a single page site we want a dropdown window of the viewable and editable information when clicking a Organization unit.

When clicking on the map: When clicking the map it should enlarge so to be easier to view.

Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository

Download link to sample web app or Android app