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You can set up webstorm to deploy your local project files using SFTP (SSH) to the group server. This is a simple way to update your server so that you can test the files. Other IDEs support similar deployment functions, but Webstorm only is covered here. 

First install an app using the standard web dhis interface. You files will be available in a folder like this:


which will be the following address on your server:


Go to Tools->Deployment->Configuration in the menu. 

A window will appear, and click + to add a new service.
Webstorm configuration upload 1.png

Then enter your server name, '/' as the root path and your UIO username and password (the same as you use to SSH into the server). 

The under mappings, add a mapping directory. 

The local path should be on your local hard-disk, where your project is. 

For me this is: C:\Users\roland\WebstormProjects\Example\app

The deployment path is the path on the server where Webstorm will put your files. It should look something like this:


but instead of app-name, use your app-name 

TIP: Set up separate app names for each group member, so you can use the same server but have parallell apps. 

The web path would be something like this: /apps/app-name

Under 'Excluded paths', you need to exclude your manifest file, since you don't want to overwrite the server's version of this. 

My excluded path says this: C:/Users/roland/WebstormProjects/Example/app/manifest.webapp

You can experiment with 'automatic upload' to upload files automatically as you save them.

Remember that you have to refresh your browser to get the new files. They are cached in your browser.