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NukWik was started as a part of the CINCH-EU-project to get an international standard for the radiochemistry education. This was thought to be the best way to share information for people at different locations. A wiki is an open internet page viewable by all and editable by all members. This opens the possibility to take advantage of peoples specializations. A theoretical scientist might be excelent at writing the theory for lab exercise, while a lab technician can be more suited for describing the experimental part. Together they enhance the quality of the material and at the same time reduce the amount of work needed to complete the material at hand.

Lab-exercises and problem-sets given at the University of Oslo was transcribed and translated and put out on the NukWik site. They were made searchable after categories for instance (Natural activity, gamma spectroscopy, Liquid scintillation etc.). The work gives an example for how lay-out for lab-exercises can written. It is now easier to add more information on the site. The wiki has already been used by students collaborating to write a description of a lab-assignment.