CINCH Commented List of NRC Textbooks

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The comprehensive list of textbooks, university textbooks and other teaching aids that are used in teaching all the topics within nuclear chemistry at different educational levels was created during the CINCH project in the project Task "Compiling, reviewing and evaluating a list of textbooks in nuclear chemistry".

The data were summarized from the questionnaire forms collected during the survey of nuclear- and radiochemistry curricula in the European universities. The part of the survey focused on teaching materials covered information from 26 universities in 19 countries.

The list of teaching materials was created to be used as a “living document”, which is here uploaded to the CINCH web page for general use. All interested people – teachers, scientists, employers – may use the list and add their data to improve the impact and usefulness of such database.

Final version of the respective CINCH Deliverable is here.

The MS Excel list of teaching materials used in NRC education.