CINCH Radiochemistry Course

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Theoretical part of the course

(total 60 hours of self-study)

Topic 1: Fundamentals of nuclear chemistry 1 (12 h)

  • Structure and properties of atomic nuclei.
  • Classification of radionuclides.
  • Kinetics of radioactive decay. Radioactive equilibria.
  • Binuclear reactions. Yield of nuclear reactions.

Topic 2: Fundamentals of nuclear chemistry 2 (12 h)

  • Natural radioactivity. Radioactive decay chains.
  • Nuclear fission, fission products.
  • Hot atoms chemistry. Szilard-Chalmers system.
  • Radiation chemistry.
  • Actinides and transactinides.

Topic 3: Radiation detection and dosimetry, radiation protection (12 h)

  • Interaction of IR with matter (alpha, gamma, beta, neutrons).
  • Detection of ionizing radiation (detector types, principles).
  • Dosimetry of ionizing radiation. Radiation protection.

Topic 4: Separation methods in radiochemistry (12 h)

  • Differences from classical separation methods and their reasons.
  • Extraction methods (L-L, principles, instrumentation).
  • Chromatography (principles, instrumentation).
  • Enrichment and separation of selected isotopes.

 Topic 5: Radioanalytical methods (12 h) 

• Indicator methods. Isotope dilution analysis.

• Radio-reagent methods. Interaction methods.

• Determination of selected radionuclides.