Computation Problem: Simulating a Gamma Spectrum

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This exercise asumes you have some knowledge of programing and requires you to write a small program.


  • Write a Monte-Carlo program that shows how the energy spectrum (intensity vs. energy) of the scattered electrons looks like for Compton absorption of gamma rays.
  • Write a Monte-Carlo program that simulates absorption of gamma rays from a source with e.g. 4 distinct gamma-rays, emitted with known energy and intensity. The program should present the resulting spectrum from a detector crystal measuring the energy absorbed in the crystal. Unlike a real detector, the program (user) should be able switch on and off the following absorption effects: 1) Full energy absorption (photo peak), 2) Compton electrons, and 3) Pair formation.
  • Extend the program to include the response function of the detector (i.e. measurment uncertainity and partically measured electron energies due to e.g. edge effects, etc.)


  • Try to model back scattering from the lead shielding sorounding the detector.