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Some Tips for Writing


Files should have a unique name and also a description of what they are in the comments. Remmember to categories it so that it will can be easily found.


Categories is a tool to make it easier to find related pages. Remember to use it. If you feel that the page you have entered don't realy fitt with the categories already created you are welcome to make a new one. Just be sure that it is realy needed.

Unique Names

Every single page must have a unique name. If the name has been used before it will replace that page. Use unique names.


To keep things in order some templates have been created so that things will look more ore less the same

The layout of problem solving sets should be in the formate of this template Template:Problem Solving Sets

The layout of Laboretory exersises should follow this template Template:Laboratory Exercises


Special Characters

The special characters in the rich editor is sadly not wery good. Most characters can be writen by using latex commands this will be translated into HTML a list of latex commands Latex. If the character does not get translated we recommend finding it in wikipedia and copy-paste it inn.