KJM-FYS 5920 Syllabus and Course Book

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Syllabus for course KJM-FYS 5920 -  Nuclear measurement techniques and instruments
- provided at the University of Oslo as per autumn 2010

Course Book

W.R. Leo: Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Experiments, 1994. Springer Verlag. ISBN: 0-387-57280-5. In addition to the text book, a selection of written material is handed out in connection to the laboratory exercises. This is also part of the curriculum.

The following chapters is included in the syllabus:

  • Chapter 2: Passage of Radiation Through Matter.
  • Chapter 4: Statistics and the Treatment of Experimental Data.
  • Chapter 5: General Characteristics of Detectors.
  • Chapter 7: Scintillation Detectors.
  • Chapter 8: Photomultipliers.
  • Chapter 10: Semiconductor Detectors.
  • Chapter 11: Pulse Signals in Nuclear Electronics.
  • Chapter 12: The NIM Standard.
  • Chapter 13: Signal Transmission.
  • Chapter 14: Electronics for Pulse Signal Processing.
  • Chapter 15: Pulse Height Selection and Coincidence Technique.
  • Chapter 17: Timing Methods and Systems.

It is assumed that you know the content of chapter 1 and 3 from earlier courses or experience.

Laboratory Course

The Laboratory Course consist of five exercises:

  • Analysing Gamma Spectra
  • Ge-detectors
  • Particle Detectors
  • Scintillation Detectors and NIM Control Electronics
  • Coincidence techniques

In connection to the lectures and laboratory exercises necessary reading and instruction material is handed out. Everything which are handed out in written form is to be regarded as part of the curriculum, unless otherwise stated.