KJM5911 Lab Exercise 1 - Basics

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Learning Goals

  • To understand the relationship between amount (in g) of radioactive material and desintegrasjon rate.
  • To understand the relationship between count rate and desintegrasjon rate.
  • To understand the uncertainty in measured number of counts and be able to calculate the uncertainty in numbers derived from such numbers.
  • Be able to use a radioactivity detector (gas-filled detector).
  • To know and understand the basic principles for work with open radioactive sources.
  • Be able to conduct contamination checks.
  • To understand the fundamentals about gamma spectroscopy demonstrated with a NaI detector.

This exercise consist of the following parts:


Also refer to relevant parts of your course books, compendia, and lecture notes from KJM 5901.


Should be answered before the lab starts. Write the answers in your labjournal.

Experimental Procedure

Lab Journal and Report

You are required to write everything you do, including preparations, in your (supplied) laboratory journal. Keep it neat and tidy - and it should be readable for other people. You are not allowed to use any additional "lose sheets" or "personal notebook" or similar. If you have printouts or pictures you shall glue them into your labjournal at an appropriate page. Your laboratory exercise will not be accepted until you present a neat journal. The journal should be signed off by your supervisor for each exercise.

After the exercise you should write a thorough and stand-alone report of what you have done. The report should be delivered in electronic form (MS Word or PDF format) to your supervisor, which will comment it and - if satisfactory - approve it. You must have all exercises approved to get credit for KJM 5911.