KJM5911 Lab Exercise 5 - Cyclotron Produced Tracers and Liquid-Liquid Extraction

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Learning Goals


Experimental Procedure

Part 1: Producing 90Mo in a (alpha, 4n) reaction

  • Welcome to the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory.
  • Target setup and gas-jet transfer system.
  • Catching 90Mo on a filter in the chem.lab.
  • Analysing the gamma spectrum

Part 2: Liquid-liquid extraction of Mo

  • Preparing liquids and equipment.
  • Extraction curve as function TOA concentration.
    • Perform extractions with 90Mo tracer
    • Plot extraction data and analyse curve

Part 3: Clean up

  • Clean all equipment and collect rad. waste in designated bottles.
  • Prepare all waste for collection/disposal.
  • Check workspace for contamination.