KJM 5911 Laboratory Exercises List

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KJM 5911 is taught at the University of Oslo (UiO). Go here for more information.

List of Laboratory Exercises:

  • Lab Exercise 1: Basic lab-training, making a uranium source and GM-counting. This is a introduction on how to work in a rad. lab. The student will lern basic radiation protection principles and do some basic work with natural uranium, e.g. prepare a counting sample by filtering UO3 from an aquous solution. This sample is then used to investigate basic counting principles and counting statistics.
  • Lab Exercise 2 - Radionuclide Generators and Half Life- A 234Th/234mPa radionuclide generator is prepared by extracting thorium on a DOWEX ion-exchanger collumn. 234mPa is milked from this collumn and its half life is determined.
  • Lab Exercise 3 - Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Lab Exercise 4 - Cylotron Produced Activiy and Liquid-Liquid Extraction. Short-lived radiotracers produced at with a cyclotron alpha-beam will be used to to investigate liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) of Mo. 
  • Lab Exercise 5 - Liquid Scintillation Counting - The basic principles behind LSC is taught by measuring different beta-emitting samples. Quench-correction curves is obtained manually and explained.
  • Isotopic Exchange Reactions
  • Neutron Activation Analysis -(NAA) and Gamma Spectroscopy
  •  The measurements will be done with HPGe gamma-detectors and calibrating and using this is an important part of the exercise.
  • Szilard-Chalmers reaction
  • Working with large amounts of radioactivity