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(Teaching Material from NukWik)
(Teaching Material from NukWik)
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=== Teaching Material from NukWik ===
=== Teaching Material from NukWik ===
*Radiation Dosa and Radiation Protection - [[Problem set 7]] - [[Solutions 7]]
* Radiation Dosa and Radiation Protection - [[Problem set 7]] - [[Solutions 7]]
*[[Basic Laboratory Procedures for Radiochemistry]]
* Laboratory exercise [[Basic Laboratory Procedures for Radiochemistry]]

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Radiation safety (radiological protection)


To teach the students the basic knowledge on the health effects of radiation, principles of
radiation safety, radiation dose and dose rate measures, estimation and calculation of radiation
doses, EU and national legislation, safe practices in radionuclide laboratories and safe handling
and disposal of radioactive waste from radionuclides laboratories. This topic area, including
related exercises, should be completed before the students are allowed to do further exercises
with radionuclides.


  • types of radiation and their absorption processes by matter, range
  • radiation safety measures and their units (absorbed dose, equivalent dose, effective dose etc.)
  • effects of radiation on DNA in cells
  • health effects of radiation
    • direct somatic effects
    • stochastic effects (cancer, genetic effects)
  • principles of radiation safety (justification, optimization, protection of individuals)
  • radiation safety organisations and their recommendations and regulations
    • EU, IAEA, ICRP
    • national authorities, laws, decrees and recommendation, licensing
  • estimation and measurement of radiation doses
  • radiation safety practices, safe working habits in radionuclide laboratories and with radiation sources
    • sealed sources, protection against external exposure
    • open sources, protection against internal exposure - safe handling and disposal of radioactive waste from radionuclide laboratories - measures during/after exceptional events

Teaching Material from NukWik