Measurements and Calculations (Introduction to Radiochemistry)

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Which detector did you use?


Note down the values from the background counting you started the day before.
Counting number Nbck=              counts
Counting time tbck=              sec
Counting speed [math]\frac{N_{bck}}{t_{bck}}[/math] =                cps
Standard deviation [math]\frac{\sqrt{N_{bck}}}{t_{bck}}[/math]=                       cps

Counting Efficiency

Do a one minute count on every shelf. Use these measurements to calculate the counting-efficiency of the GM-detector in %, for 234mPa. The activity of the sample can be calculated from the amount of UO3 used.

Counting number for each shelf (CPM) Counting Efficency

Twenty Measurements with Constant Distance from the Source

Do twenty measurements on 1 minute with the source in the same position. Calculate the standard deviation and complete the table:

Nr Np [math]N_{P}-\overline{N}[/math] [math]\left(N_{P}-\overline{N}\right)^{2}[/math]